College Academic Session and Terms

The college working hours are form 7.30 a.m. to 5.00 pin. except on Sunday and other holidays. The college office remains open from 11.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. except when announced otherwise by Principal. A separate fee centre is open from 7.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. for students Faculity of Commerce & Business Management.

College Committee

The following in the college and functioning.

  1. College Council
  2. Academic Committee
  3. Admission committee
  4. Protorial Board
  5. Discipline Committee
  6. Committee for Prevention of ragging
  7. Library committee
  8. Games sports committee
  9. Hostel committee
  10. Delegacy Circle (Men)
  11. Delegacy Circle (Women)

College Academic Session and Terms

The acedemic session commerces from the opening day of the college which is usually 1st July and lasts until the closhing day of the college on 30th April.
The session is divided into three terms as follows.

1st Terms- Commencing with the opening day of the college and ending with the begning of Dushera Vacation.

Ilnd Terms - Commencing with end of Dushera vacation and lesting upto the begining of winter vacations.

IIIrd Terms - Commencing with end of the winter vacation and terminating with closing of the college.

When a student of the college has been guilty of grave misconduct or breach of discipline within or outside the precincts of the college or has been such which amounts to misconduct, then

  1. Principal may, according to the nature and gravity of the offence, impose one or more of the following punishments.
  2. Suspend from attending Classes temporarily, pending inquiry in his conduct or impose a fine.
  3. Expel or
  4. Rusticate for a period to determined by the College Council.
  5. Disqualify for a period to be determined by the college Council.

The Principal would have powers to-
Suspend a student temporarily from the college pending enquiry into conduct.

  1. Expel a student from the college.
  2. Rusticate for a period not exceeding one academic year provided however, the Principal of the College shell forward copy of his order expelling or restricting a student to the University within a week of the order.
  3. Before inflicting punishment as mentioned in Para
  4. Except in case of suspension, an opportunity to show cause, in writing, shall be given to the studentconcerned.
  5. The rustication of a student from the College shall entail removal of his name from the register of enrolled students.