The Activities of NSS are bifurcated into two categories:

  1. NUSSD PROGRAM: MOU with Bilaspur University for skill development courses though TISS( Tata Institute of social science)
  2. Mumbai IIT online distance Learning program
  3. Special Camping Program : Under 'Special Camping Programer' Camps of 10 days duration are held, in vacations, in the villages. Only half of the students of the total strength of the unit are permitted to take part in such construction of roads, houses, drains, bunks and pits digging of wells, laying playgrounds, road maintained and repairs, medial aid projects, sanitation, adult education, tree plantation and various types of surveys etc.
  4. Regular activities : Under regular actives program similar projects are undertaken in the adopted village, slums or in the vicinity of the city throughout the year. If a student continues to be a member of NSS for two years and participates actively for 120 hours work, he is examined by a suitable body appointed by the University, and if successful, is given a certificate which may prove a passport for a better future in service or in some other important field. So join NSS and contribute to the nation’s progress.