1. Admission process has been started for session 2017-18 (Students can contact their concerned to relevant department)
  2. Smart phone company VIVO is organising campus placement they may contact in the department of computer science.
  3. NUSSD first convocation Organised by Bilaspur University in Bilaspur University campus (interested students can be join).

Proctorial Board

With a view to help students, keep discipline and grow into disciplined persons the college has constituted a Proctorial Board, The Personal of the Board is announced by the Principal. All cases of indiscipline or breath of rules are brought before the Proctorial Board, Students are expected to willingly submit to decisions made by them.

When a student is outside the campus he does not cease to be student of the college. His behavior and conduct outside the college campus should be as in college.He should behave as a model student so that he wins praise for his behavior.

College Notices

Notices issued by the Principal, the Vice-Chairman of Faculties, the Proctor are put up on various Notice Boards and also Women Students Common Room.

Students are advised to look into these notices and act accordingly. Ignorance of such notices shall be no excuse. This applies to notices issued by the other duly continued authorities of the college.