National Service Scheme

If you :
  1. want to serve the nation.
  2. are prepared to do manual work.
  3. are prepared to go to villages and slums.
  4. want to develop your personality.

then be a member of National Services Scheme (NSS) Rashtriya Sewa Yojna (in Hindi). The Scheme seeks to correct the phenomenon of seclusion of education from the society by exposing the student corn mu n ity to a ballast of social realities, The Scheme thus, provides a wide range of opportunities to study the problems of society at first hand and to understand the implications of efforts to tackle them through enabling the students to make such efforts "education through Service is thus the additional dimension, that NSS imparts to the educational system.

The 'Scheme was started by the Government in 1969-70 in the college of various parts of the country. The scheme was started in 37 Universities drawing about 40.000 students in the first year i.e. 1970 Over the years this wholly voluntary scheme multiplied manifold_