Games and Sports

  1. The college has made provision for playing Hockey, Football, Cricket, Badminton, Volleyball, Kabaddi, Yoga exercises and athletics, Students of the College are expected to take part in one or more to these events.
  2. Games and Sports are looked after by Games Committee Ik7 constricting of

    a)The Sport Officer

    b) Professor in charge of each major game.

    c) Captains of Team

    d) A Secretary, nominated by the Principal, Students of the College are advised to remain in contact with Sports Officer and members of the Games Committee so as to get opportunity of practice in games and sports.
  3. The Games Committee shall recommended names for section to the College and University Team. This committee shall also frame the Games Budget, arrange for the conduct of games and sports and inter -collegiate tournaments.
  4. College Colors are awarded to distinguished players Athletes.